Saturday, 12 May 2012

Haul of Randoms

Its rare I shop in TK Maxx, I find it the sort of shop one has to dedicate a good few hours too, with plenty of energy, to get the full result from. My local one is just so unorganised, I tend to just saunter on past. But, rather than having a lazy day in, Dad had a few things he needed in town so to kill time, I took the plunge! One I do not regret.

I made my way straight to the 'home' department to look for something to store my make up in. Although I do need something slightly bigger, I just couldn't turn this beauty down. The large canvas box has three generous sized compartments, which hold most of my face make up, along with my palettes. 

The adorable tin, with a mini-egg print was only €2.99 & I just haaaaaad to get it. It holds my taller make up brushes, and I keep my smaller sized & short handle ones like special edition ones, in a different place. But anywho, thats a completely different blogpost ;)

I use the lid of the tin to hold my grips. Killing two birds with the one stone, ayeee?

Afterwards, I went to Easons and go this Portfolio for a tenner. I'm starting make-up portfolio soon, and I thought this was the simplest, most 'classic' one. It holds 36 pages and is really good quality.

To finish up, I have a completely random bit. I painted my nails today & have fallen in love. I can't figure out if they look really tacky, or really nice. But either way, I love it! These are 3 essence nail polishes. I think these are really underrated, I never hear much about them and there amazing! They are so opaque, each of these nails only have 2 coats on. On the index finger & little finger I have 'Dress For a Moment'. In the middle is 'Most Wanted' which sadly, has been discontinued. Last but not least, the lovely lilac which is also on the thumb, is called 'No More Drama'. With such catchy names, these beauties are only €1.29.

Thanks for reading :)

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