Friday, 11 May 2012


I'm sitting here reminiscing about the last week I spent in Galway, with a constant smile on my face. I stayed just a few miles outside of the city in Oranmore with Tara, for 3 nights. I had an unreal time & it was great to spend some much needed quality time with Taz. We tend to go a year without seeing each other, then spend days with one another and always have the craic sure! 

Tara : Me

Waaaaaaaarning: Picture heavy post ahead!
We headed up at 6am on a cold Tuesday morning and returned home, back to normality, at 8.30pm Friday evening. The train was going to be €42 return, which I thought was absolutely ridiculous, & we ended up getting the bus up and train home which was slightly more reasonable.


On the first day, within an hour of being in the city, I bought three dresses in River Island which totaled to €71 & from there on I was pure broke and had to tread verrrrry carefully. That sounds dramatic but it was scary being far from home with hardly any money due to my severe addiction to River Island & their sales! 

Tuesday actually dragged so much seen as we were up at 5am. When it came to 1pm it felt like it should have been 6pm! We spent the day in town, and then headed back to Oranmore to get a long awaited Chinese. It was actually the funniest meal ever, we couldn't stop laughing at the little restaurant, it was an absolute kip! The weather was lovely, there were a few showers but nothing major.. still enough to get our gorgeous umbrellas out though! ;)

The next day, we went into the city around half 1, after a badly needed lie on! I didn't buy anything but Tara bought a Paul's Boutique Hoodie in Brown Thomas & new navy cons. Pure label head, wha?

We went further down through the city today, where there are lovely little shops. 

We got these bad-boys in a pound shop. BEST HEADPHONES EVER.

We found a chill-out spot near the river down by the college, and sat here for an hour. It was beautiful.

On our last day, once again we went into the city, but we were only there for about 2 hours.. Still had time for plenty of shopping though ;)

I would have loved this t-shirt but as it was only on display, we both bought an I ♥T-SHIRT, it was two for a tenner, which we could hardly turn down!

On our final day (sadface) we went to get lunch in the lovely Huntsman Inn, before heading into town, with no money might I add, for five hours waiting on our train. To kill time, we sat at Eyre Square & gave 'fake' directions to other fellow 'tourists' which was quite mean but all in the name of good craic!

This was before we even left, how healthy are we!

It soon became time to say our goodbyes and go our separate ways & Tara decided to start bawling, was so funny at the time haha..
We had a brilliant few days, badly needed, & well deserved and will definitely do it again.


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