Monday, 25 November 2013

MAC Price List (Ireland)

Hello all! 
I'm often asked to give recommendations on products and MAC is a brand I hesitate to recommend, because of the fact that I don't know exactly how much each product is so I can't say if the products are worth the prices.. Does that sentence even make sense? Obviously there are some I love enough that I'd pay any money for. I hope you all can see where I'm coming from. 
Either way, it can't be denied that MAC is very dear.
Anytime I am thinking of buying a new product from MAC, I google it to get reviews and the price, but of course, the price is rarely there in euro.
So, I thought I would comprise a price list for you all. I looked through old receipts, and checked in store. These are prices as of now ( November 2013).
As there are no Pro Stores in Ireland, these are all Brown Thomas's prices.


  • Prep & Prime: €27

  • Studio Fix Powder foundation: €31.50
  • Face & Body foundation 50ml: €31.50
  • Face & Body foundation 120ml: €37.50
  • Matchmaster foundation: €37.50
  • Studio fix fluid: €31.50
  • Full Coverage Foundation ( Only available in Grafton Street Brown Thomas): €31.50
  • Mineralize moisture foundation: €37.50
  • Studio Tech: €36.50
  • Prolongwear foundation: €36.50
  • Prolong wear: €20
  • Select Cover up: €19
  • Studio fix: €19
  • Select moisture cover: €19
  • Mineralized: €20
  • Select sheer loose powder: €25.50
  • Mineralize Skinfinish Natural: €29.50
  • Studio Careblend Pressed Powder: €25.50
  • Powder blush: €23
  • Cream blush: €23
  • Prolongwear: €26
  • Blush in pan form: €19
  • Pressed pigment: €22.50
  • Loose pigment: €24.50
  • Eyeshadow: €16.00
  • Eyeshadow in pan form: €12.50
  • Fluidline (gel liner): €18.50
  • Kohl pencil: €18
  • Eye pencil: €17.50
  • Paint pot: €19.50
  • Eyebrow pencil: €17.50
  • Eyelashes: €13
  • Duoglue (eyelash glue): €13.. (Its €10 in Inglot) ;)

Theres so many, generally from the €18-€23 mark, but here are a few popular ones.

  • False lash mascara: €23.50
  • Zoom lash: €18.00
  • Zoom fast black lash: €18.00
  • Plush lash: €18.00

  • Lipstick: €19
  • Dazzleglass: €21.50
  • Lipliner pencil: €16
  • Tinted lipglass: €18
  • Plushglass: €21.50
  • Nail varnish: €13.50
  • Fix + 100ml: €18.50
  • Brush cleanser: €14.00
  • Make up wipes: €29.50
  • Empty 4 pro palette eyeshadow: €8.50
  • Empty 15 pro palette eyeshadow: €26.50
  • Foundation pump: €5.50
MAC have so many brushes so I just put in the most popular ones, the ones I own and the best ones in my opinion.
  • 190 Flat Foundation Brush: €40.50
  • 266 Small Angled Brush: €21.00
  • 219 Pencil Detailer Brush: €26.50
  • 210 Precise Eyeliner Brush: €21.00
  • 217 Crease Blending Brush: €24.00 (WORTH EVERY PENNY!)
  • 188 Small Duo Fibre Brush: €40.50
  • 187 Large Duo Fibre Brush: €45.50
  • 168 Large Angled Contour Brush: €36.50
  • 224 Large Blender Brush: €32.00
  • 138 Tapered Contour Brush: €57.50
  • 239 Flat Shader Brush: €28.00
This is not a recommendation of MAC products, I just always struggle to find an Irish Euro pricelist online when I'm considering buying a product so I made one.
Hope you enjoy, and I hope its useful to some of you!
Talk soon :)

Monday, 7 October 2013

I've got myself a YouTube channel!

I finally bit the bullet & decided to begin my YouTube channel; about time! 
I'm not the best at the whole blogging thing. Being an avid chatterbox, I love being able to talk and explain things, rather than having to try to explain things over text. I've always wanted to be on YouTube someday, I just wasn't sure when.

If you're interested, here's my first video. 

It's a small introduction to my channel, what it's going to be about & what to expect.
I'm slightly unsure as to what my channel will end up containing but one thing I do know is that it will be primarily make up.

My next video will be of this look.

I should have it up by this day next week. No promises though, technology & I do not pair well together. 
But, of course, I'll let you know when it is up.

Hope you enjoy, please like, comment & subscribe. Also, feel free to request any looks you've seen on my Instagram, or Facebook, or even a look you'd like to see me have a go at.

Thank you 💜

Instagram: @rebeccanugent_94
Twitter: @rebeccanMUA

Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Make Up Story 💜

I reckon this is one of those pieces that I will start to write and never want to stop. Make up is my passion, as shallow and all as that seems. Knowing what I want to do with my life at this age is one of the best feelings I've ever known!

As with the majority of other Beauty Bloggers/ YouTubers, I discovered beauty videos on a random day & soon became addicted. I've been glued to the YouTube and blogging world for 2 years now & the addiction is still going strong! Anyways, I've wanted to do a post on my interest & passion for make up and I thought what better way to do it than with this tag.

1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup? 
There wasnt an exact day that I just started wearing a full face of make up, it was definitely a gradual thing. I remember at the end of 2nd year in school I started to wear brown eyeliner and mascara, and then I started 3rd year by wearing mineral foundation. So about 14/15 years old. That has now developed into an obsession and a gross make up collection. Whoops

2. How did you get into makeup? 
My mam was always such a girly girl, even though she worked with horses all day everyday, she always put in the effort. You could say its born and bred into me! Then my older sister started to wear make up which influenced me as well. But how I really 'got into it' was through YouTube, and without a doubt I have found my muse. 

3. What are some of your favorite brands? 
I have to say MAC, and although its actually not the best brand out there, I can't get over the feeling of luxury of owning and using MAC products. My holy grail foundation - Studio Fix Fluid (NC30) is made by MAC, I actually can't fault their foundations! Rimmel is my favourite drugstore brand, They're powders and mascaras are great. For brushes, as I'm sure you'll know if you've read some of my previous posts, my favourite brand is Blank Canvas Cosmetics. They're Irish, affordable and top quality, what more could a make up lover ask for?! 

4. What does makeup mean to you? 
I can sense the cheesiness of this answer already! Its my passion. I've never been into painting or pottery or many other artistic things but when it comes to the art of someone's face, my mind goes into orbit with the amount of ideas I have. I love taking someone's features and enhancing them, even my own. When someone hates something, like their eye colour or freckles, my job is to make them see the beauty in it. It's almost like an escape to me, just like painting or singing is to other people. I think its very easy to mistake someone who loves make up as insecure but its not that at all. I don't use it as a mask, I just enjoy doing it, and feel a lot more confident while wearing it. I actually look forward to the process of putting it on, even on days I'm staying at home all day, I long to do my make up for the fun of it. It's my passion, I could spend all day at it and never get bored. 

5. If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be? 
Hmmm 4 products... Well foundation, the one I mentioned earlier, Hoola bronzer by benefit, eyeliner and mascara.

6. What is your favorite thing about makeup? 

That it completely can transform someone. I don't think make up should be the only thing women rely for confidence, but if it helps, then who cares? But it really brings out different qualities in people. Basically just how it can make me feel pretty <3

7. What do you think about drugstore makeup vs. high end makeup? 

I think regardless of the brand, regardless of the price and regardless of whether its drugstore or high end, if a product is good, it's good. Also, different products vary on different people, my Rimmel Stay Matte powder works so much better for me than my MAC Mineralised Skin Finish natural does, but this could be a complete different case with someone else..

8. What is one tip of advice you can give a beginner? 
There's a few! Look after your skin. Make up will always look well on fresh, clean skin, and it will also last so much longer. Just find skin care products that work for you and stick to them. 
Also, less is more and you don't always have to stick to the rules. Don't think you need foundation, concealer and powder just because you've seen others do it, if you have good skin, just use the bare minimum as it will look twice as beautiful and natural than loads of products will. 

9. What is one makeup trend you never understood? 
Foundation/concealer lips!!! Ridiculous trend! There's nothing wrong with a nude lip when it's done right, but lips the same colour as the face = look of the dead ;) 

10. What do you think about the beauty community on Youtube?
Speaking from an outsiders perspective, as I don't make YouTube videos yet, it's definitely one of the best things that has happened to the Internet. It has taught me so much. I do hate all the negativity on it, but every YouTuber I know has handled it well. Once the negativity never overpowers the good sides to it, that's all that matters to me. 

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Favourite products at the moment

Hello there! Long time, no speak. Being a hard working, diligent 6th year (hint of sarcasm here) this little blog has taken a bit of a backseat. I've been longing to do a favourites, and as a result of having some free time on this Sunday evening I decided to take the plunge and do it, because if I didn't, we would have to wait another month, and we don't want that now do we! I was going to christen this a 'February Favourites', but honestly I've been loving these products for a couple of months now.. 'So far my 2013 favourites' shall we say?

Left-Right. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula; The Body Shop 'Born Lippy'; MAC Blush in 'Frankly Scarlet'; Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Wash; Essence Nail Varnish in 'Free Hugs'; H&M Candy Pink Body Splash; Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 Brush

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula- One sniff of this, and I was sold. If you haven't smell/bought this already, that needs to change! Oh, and its good at moisturising too. :)

The Body Shop 'Born Lippy'- Being honest, I haven't a clue as to what made me pick this product up, but I am very glad I did. Its so moisturising, long lasting, I apply this a few times during the day, and at night just after I exfoliate my lips, & wake up with smooth, soft lips. I laaaaaaave this shit.

MAC Blush in 'Frankly Scarlet'- I had to insert a picture of this just so yee can get a fair idea of its colour. Some would call this pink, but I would definitely see it as red. It is scary, I will admit, but applied with a light hand and blended out slightly, it turns into a gorgeous glowing, almost coral colour. 

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Wash- Without sounding shallow, I could not live without this product. I'm sure I've spoken of my skin here before, but basically, I am very prone to acne. My skin reacts to everything, regardless of me using products for sensitive skin, and cleansing religiously morning and evening. I have tried everything under the sun to clear up my acne & this has finally done it.. Granted, I'm left with plenty of scars from the last few months so my skin is far from clear, but this is preventing further scarring which is all I want from a product. I've heard millions of reviews raving about this but some reason I never tried it & I am so happy I did. I would say it is quite drying, but use a good moisturiser afterwards and everything is ceart go leor. This is my 2nd bottle of this.

Essence Nail Varnish in 'Free Hugs'- I feel this quite a 'pink themed' post, but this is the winner. I have been searching for a blue toned pink nail varnish, one that was reeeeally opaque, & this is it. Retailing at €1.79, pair this with a top coat and it will last days.

H&M Candy Pink Body Splash- I initially picked this up because it was under €2 and I liked the look of it, but I am so glad I did! Being so cheap, I expected it to have no staying power and last about an hour. If I spray this on a top/scarf in the morning, its still lingering on it that evening. Definitely a favourite.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 Brush- How could I do a favourites without mentioning something from this brand! I also wanted to include a up close picture of this baby, to give yee all a better idea of it. Now, if you have read my review on Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes, then you'll know how much I love them. I have many favourites from their range of products, but this beats all. With any foundation, powder, or even turn it at an angle for contour, this brush makes it flawless! If I could recommend any brush to you, beginner or advanced, this would be it. Its only just €13.99 and worth every penny. To fit in with this pink themed post, BCC have also brought out a limited edition bright pink one which I really want! Go onnn, treat yourself :)

I hope you all had a great February, and enjoyed reading this post. Let me know if you've tried anything new recently, I would love to hear from you :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Review: Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes

Blank Canvas Cosmetics are fast becoming my favourite brand of brushes. I don't bother buying any brushes from MAC or Inglot anymore, unless they have something completely different to what BCC have, which is rare! Being honest though, BCC's dupes for MAC brushes and the likes are top notch dupes. I've had this 12 piece for months now, since it first came out in February/March and have genuinely loved it! There are 12 brushes, all pictured below, with everything one would need for the face, eyes and lips. Just click on the images to get a bigger picture.

The 001 is just an overall large powder brush. Its soft and feels lovely on the skin. Its one of those brushes where the more you use it, the better it applies the powder.
 (Natural hairs)
002 is a double ended foundation/concealer brush. I rarely use the concealer end but the foundation brush is great. If you are a person who uses does use a concealer brush, this one is very handy for your make up bag and for travelling. Very soft, dense, but enough give to not move the product as you apply it.
(Synthetic hairs)

 I have 2 MAC 187's both of which have a ridiculous amount of fall out and hence, I never use. But, the stippling brush in this set, the 003 never sheds, and applies my foundation brilliantly. This is just one example of the excellent quality!
(Synthetic and natural hairs)
I use the 004 everyday, without fail! Its a bigger version of the MAC 168, and I use it to just bronze up the face and for some light everyday contouring.
(Natural hairs)

This concealer brush (005) is slightly bigger than the one on the 002. I don't use brushes for concealer, i prefer to use clean fingers as it warms up the product, and therefore it applies better. You could use it for eyeshadow, packing on glitter or applying highlighter. 
(Synthetic hair)
The 006 is an essential brush for blending out any harsh lines when doing a smokey eye. This can also be used for cream products, like blending out your concealer. Must have for me! 
(Natural hair - goat bristles)

The 007 is the best for packing on colour! It can be used with cream or powder products. Its the perfect size, not too big, not too small. 
(Synthetic hairs)
The 008 is the perfect shape for placing colour in the crease. The trick with this brush is to place the shorter side at the end of the eye, with the longer side at the end of the crease and sweep inwards with the colour. Then I use the 006 to blend out. 
(Natural bristles- pony hair)

The 009 has many purposes, can be used as a lip brush or for applying colour to the eyes. I looooove using it to apply highlighter to the inner tear ducts, it gets just the right amount int he the right place! 
(Synthetic hairs)
The 010 is a small blending brush. I use this to place colour in the crease and then a bigger brush to blend the colour. This one is slightly stained, but that doesn't effect its greatness at all! 
(Natural bristles- pony hair)

Another brush that doesn't leave my make up routine/ bag is the 011. Its actually the perfect size for my eyebrows, I can't see myself ever using another one! Don't even want to imagine life without this brush.. I'm no drama queen!
(Synthetic hairs)
Last but not least, the 012. So thin, perfect for creating a precise line, but a buildable one all the same. One of my favourites.
(Synthetic hairs)

Overall, I can't recommend Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes to you enough. None of the brushes shed, none have lost shape even after all the times I have washed them! They are so reasonably priced, for such high quality. G'wan, treat yourself: Worldwide shipping.

Disclaimer: All products were bought by me, myself and I.

Monday, 6 August 2012

101 goals in 1001 days.

Its taken me months to finally finish this list, as I didn't just want any random things on it, I wanted proper stuff that was possible but takes hard work all the same. I would just keep this list to myself, but I feel if its up here on the internet for you all to see, it will motivate me to complete it more. Wish me luck! 

Start date: Tuesday, 7 August 2012
End date: Tuesday, 5 May 2015
Crossed out = Completed
  1. Learn to drive.
  2. Speak fluent French.
  3. Get to my goal weight and maintain.
  4. Qualify as a make-up artist.
  5. Become more known as a make-up artist.
  6. Build a portfolio.
  7. Start on YouTube.
  8. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.
  9. Cut out carbs for one week.
  10. Go to England again.
  11. Accomplish something I’ve worked really hard for.
  12. Improve at guitar.
  13. Don’t use the internet for a week.
  14. Go to bed before 10 every night for a week.
  15. Make a list of songs I could listen to forever.
  16. Learn to play poker.
  17. Go to Oxygen/Electric picnic.
  18. Make a photo collage on a cork board.
  19. Whiten my teeth.
  20. No Chinese, chippers or rolls for a month.
  21. Reduce the amount I curse.
  22. Stop other bad habits.
  23. Drink two litres of water or more every day for a month. 
  24. Keep up my diary.
  25. Spend a day without my phone, twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  26. Write a list of everything bad in my life then burn the list.
  27. Get a job.
  28. Save.
  29. Compliment at least 5 people every day for a week.
  30. Be content with my leaving cert results.
  31. Have a complete wardrobe clear-out.
  32. Wear no make-up for a week.
  33. Get glasses with plastic lenses.
  34. Throw away all my underwear and start again.
  35. Eat no sweets for a week and eventually a month.
  36. Go to a fortune teller.
  37. Finally taste Nando’s.
  38. Pass my C test.
  39. Jump a 1.00m course clear.
  40. See Ed Sheeran live again.
  41. Get a car.
  42. Go on holiday or go to oxegen after my leaving cert.
  43. Pick a college and a course that I am happy with and get the points for it.
  44. Jump 1.10m.
  45. Run a 10k race in under an hour.
  46. Move to Dublin.
  47. Get a facial.
  48. Drink 3 litres of water in one day.
  49. Have a ‘lazy day’ like the girls always speak of, & stay in my pyjamas all day.
  50. STOP overthinking everything.
  51. Save €200 and don’t blow it all on shite.
  52. Own a real leather jacket.
  53. Get another river island purse.
  54. Have 100 subscribers on my Youtube.
  55. Get an iPhone.
  56. See the Arctic Monkeys live.
  57. Get a good summer job.
  58. Finally finish this as its taking forever!
  59. Go up to Galway again with Tara.
  60. Start & finish my basic make-up portfolio.
  61. Get my provisional licence.
  62. Get my full licence.
  63. Get black converse.
  64. Get maroon vans.
  65. Make a scrapbook/photo album with all my favourite memories.
  66. Have my 18th.
  67. Get the MAC 138.
  68. Get the Inglot 27TG.
  69. Open a bank account & get a bank card.
  70. Get a new wardrobe in dads.
  71. Do not buy any make-up for a month.
  72. Give up chocolate for lent & stick to it.
  73. Give up jellies for lent & stick to it.
  74. Go a week without ordering lunch.
  75. Give 15 compliments in one day.
  76. Write a list of my 10 all-time favourite songs and make a playlist/CD of them.
  77. Do something completely surprising for someone's birthday.
  78. Work in Brown Thomas.
  79. Go to Punchestown.
  80. Feature in a magazine one way or another.
  81. Visit Dublin Zoo again.
  82. Learn more about whales.
  83. Go on the London Eye.
  84. Write my name in the sand.
  85. Go to Paris.
  86. Visit the Eiffel Tower.
  87. Pass Honours Construction Studies in my Leaving Cert.
  88. Get a HD camera.
  89. Pass Honours Maths in my Leaving Cert.
  90. Go without Facebook for a week.
  91. See Ben Howard live.
  92. Find my debs dress.
  93. See Kanye live.
  94. Go on a picnic.
  95. Play ( every morning for a month.
  96. Tell someone, who is willing to listen, how I really feel about something.
  97. Pull an all-nighter.
  98. Do 50 ‘non-woman’ push ups consecutively.
  99. Design a tattoo.
  100. See Eminem live.
  101. Be haaaaaappy.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Favourites :)

Time for my first monthly favourites! I probably won't be doing these every month as I simply don't change up my products enough but this month, I was wondering what to write about next and the end of the month came so I had no excuse not to. Few randoms in here, so be prepared..

Regarding skin, July has been a bad month. I've broken out in places I never usually do, such as around my nose. This face scrub really help the clarity and texture of my skin, and its almost back to normal. I use this in the shower, and really work it into the skin to slough off dead skin. I absolutely adore this stuff and have already repurchased!


Next is a foundation combo. The bottle on the left is Revlon Colorstay in 150 - Buff (€17.50 in Boots) for Combination/Oily skin, and the bottle on the right is Rimmel Lasting Finish in 400 - Natural Beige. (€8 - €10). The Revlon one is in the lightest shade and the Rimmel one is in the darkest it comes in. Depending on what colour my neck is due to tan and the likes, I mix these to make the colour I need. These two babies go hand in hand as they are both very long lasting foundations and give me the matte finish I love. *Winning*

Inglot 6SS, smaller version of the 4SS. This is ideally made for blending out concealer but due to its squirrel substitute hair, its ideal for both cream and powder products. I use this everyday I wear eyeshadow to blend out any harsh lines. Its a must have for me!

Jewellery is one thing I've been OBSESSED with over the last month, especially gold jewellery, pearls, mustaches, and bows. River Island is my favourite place to root! If you want to know where any of these pieces are from just ask in the comments below.

I was bold this month and ended up getting two bouncy blowdries! One was in preperation for The Corona's concert, and the other was when I got my highlights done by one of the girls in work. I just loooove having no roots! These blowdries only take about half an hour, last forever and are usually around €20. They add volume, texture and curl to the hair by leaving a med- large round brush in until it cools.

Once again I'm raving about Essence Nail polishes. At 1.29, there are so many shades to choose from and they last such a long time. This is my newest one and current favourite.

Not its first time to appear on my blog, this e/s by Inglot is in #342. Its an ideal shade for filling in blonde eyebrows. Although I really don't have blonde eyebrows, it allows me to fill them in and still neutralise the warm tones with this being a cool tone. Similar to MAC's Omega e/s.

I feel very shallow saying this, but I really could not live without this product. Being one that likes to be brown all the time, I apply this lightly for day wear and heavily and in multiple coats for nights out. Don't judge!

Benefits Hoola Bronzer: Keeping with the whole 'bronzed' theme, this is a product I use everyday I wear make up. I'm devastated I've hit pan and so much of it, as at €33.50 its quite expensive but I will, without a doubt, be repurchasing.

Last but not least, is this foundation tester kit from Sleek MakeUP. Actually, I use this as a concealer as the consistency is quite thick and dries to a powder finish. This is in the shade light/medium and is only €4!

Time for the randoms! Two tunes I havent stop listening to this month are this and this. Give them a listen if you haven't already, I'm addicted!

I have two favourite places this month. One being Galway again! I spent last week on a 'holiday' there with Tara, and definitely had the craic. Its just so relaxing, and people are so friendly.

The next place, River Island, is going to be the death of me! When they have a sale, my pocket greatly suffers. I went into the dressing room with 22 things the first time I attacked it.. My favourite shop ever!

Let me know if you've tried any of these products and your thoughts on them in the comments below!
Talk soon,