Thursday, 20 December 2012

Review: Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes

Blank Canvas Cosmetics are fast becoming my favourite brand of brushes. I don't bother buying any brushes from MAC or Inglot anymore, unless they have something completely different to what BCC have, which is rare! Being honest though, BCC's dupes for MAC brushes and the likes are top notch dupes. I've had this 12 piece for months now, since it first came out in February/March and have genuinely loved it! There are 12 brushes, all pictured below, with everything one would need for the face, eyes and lips. Just click on the images to get a bigger picture.

The 001 is just an overall large powder brush. Its soft and feels lovely on the skin. Its one of those brushes where the more you use it, the better it applies the powder.
 (Natural hairs)
002 is a double ended foundation/concealer brush. I rarely use the concealer end but the foundation brush is great. If you are a person who uses does use a concealer brush, this one is very handy for your make up bag and for travelling. Very soft, dense, but enough give to not move the product as you apply it.
(Synthetic hairs)

 I have 2 MAC 187's both of which have a ridiculous amount of fall out and hence, I never use. But, the stippling brush in this set, the 003 never sheds, and applies my foundation brilliantly. This is just one example of the excellent quality!
(Synthetic and natural hairs)
I use the 004 everyday, without fail! Its a bigger version of the MAC 168, and I use it to just bronze up the face and for some light everyday contouring.
(Natural hairs)

This concealer brush (005) is slightly bigger than the one on the 002. I don't use brushes for concealer, i prefer to use clean fingers as it warms up the product, and therefore it applies better. You could use it for eyeshadow, packing on glitter or applying highlighter. 
(Synthetic hair)
The 006 is an essential brush for blending out any harsh lines when doing a smokey eye. This can also be used for cream products, like blending out your concealer. Must have for me! 
(Natural hair - goat bristles)

The 007 is the best for packing on colour! It can be used with cream or powder products. Its the perfect size, not too big, not too small. 
(Synthetic hairs)
The 008 is the perfect shape for placing colour in the crease. The trick with this brush is to place the shorter side at the end of the eye, with the longer side at the end of the crease and sweep inwards with the colour. Then I use the 006 to blend out. 
(Natural bristles- pony hair)

The 009 has many purposes, can be used as a lip brush or for applying colour to the eyes. I looooove using it to apply highlighter to the inner tear ducts, it gets just the right amount int he the right place! 
(Synthetic hairs)
The 010 is a small blending brush. I use this to place colour in the crease and then a bigger brush to blend the colour. This one is slightly stained, but that doesn't effect its greatness at all! 
(Natural bristles- pony hair)

Another brush that doesn't leave my make up routine/ bag is the 011. Its actually the perfect size for my eyebrows, I can't see myself ever using another one! Don't even want to imagine life without this brush.. I'm no drama queen!
(Synthetic hairs)
Last but not least, the 012. So thin, perfect for creating a precise line, but a buildable one all the same. One of my favourites.
(Synthetic hairs)

Overall, I can't recommend Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes to you enough. None of the brushes shed, none have lost shape even after all the times I have washed them! They are so reasonably priced, for such high quality. G'wan, treat yourself: Worldwide shipping.

Disclaimer: All products were bought by me, myself and I.

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