Monday, 6 August 2012

101 goals in 1001 days.

Its taken me months to finally finish this list, as I didn't just want any random things on it, I wanted proper stuff that was possible but takes hard work all the same. I would just keep this list to myself, but I feel if its up here on the internet for you all to see, it will motivate me to complete it more. Wish me luck! 

Start date: Tuesday, 7 August 2012
End date: Tuesday, 5 May 2015
Crossed out = Completed
  1. Learn to drive.
  2. Speak fluent French.
  3. Get to my goal weight and maintain.
  4. Qualify as a make-up artist.
  5. Become more known as a make-up artist.
  6. Build a portfolio.
  7. Start on YouTube.
  8. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.
  9. Cut out carbs for one week.
  10. Go to England again.
  11. Accomplish something I’ve worked really hard for.
  12. Improve at guitar.
  13. Don’t use the internet for a week.
  14. Go to bed before 10 every night for a week.
  15. Make a list of songs I could listen to forever.
  16. Learn to play poker.
  17. Go to Oxygen/Electric picnic.
  18. Make a photo collage on a cork board.
  19. Whiten my teeth.
  20. No Chinese, chippers or rolls for a month.
  21. Reduce the amount I curse.
  22. Stop other bad habits.
  23. Drink two litres of water or more every day for a month. 
  24. Keep up my diary.
  25. Spend a day without my phone, twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  26. Write a list of everything bad in my life then burn the list.
  27. Get a job.
  28. Save.
  29. Compliment at least 5 people every day for a week.
  30. Be content with my leaving cert results.
  31. Have a complete wardrobe clear-out.
  32. Wear no make-up for a week.
  33. Get glasses with plastic lenses.
  34. Throw away all my underwear and start again.
  35. Eat no sweets for a week and eventually a month.
  36. Go to a fortune teller.
  37. Finally taste Nando’s.
  38. Pass my C test.
  39. Jump a 1.00m course clear.
  40. See Ed Sheeran live again.
  41. Get a car.
  42. Go on holiday or go to oxegen after my leaving cert.
  43. Pick a college and a course that I am happy with and get the points for it.
  44. Jump 1.10m.
  45. Run a 10k race in under an hour.
  46. Move to Dublin.
  47. Get a facial.
  48. Drink 3 litres of water in one day.
  49. Have a ‘lazy day’ like the girls always speak of, & stay in my pyjamas all day.
  50. STOP overthinking everything.
  51. Save €200 and don’t blow it all on shite.
  52. Own a real leather jacket.
  53. Get another river island purse.
  54. Have 100 subscribers on my Youtube.
  55. Get an iPhone.
  56. See the Arctic Monkeys live.
  57. Get a good summer job.
  58. Finally finish this as its taking forever!
  59. Go up to Galway again with Tara.
  60. Start & finish my basic make-up portfolio.
  61. Get my provisional licence.
  62. Get my full licence.
  63. Get black converse.
  64. Get maroon vans.
  65. Make a scrapbook/photo album with all my favourite memories.
  66. Have my 18th.
  67. Get the MAC 138.
  68. Get the Inglot 27TG.
  69. Open a bank account & get a bank card.
  70. Get a new wardrobe in dads.
  71. Do not buy any make-up for a month.
  72. Give up chocolate for lent & stick to it.
  73. Give up jellies for lent & stick to it.
  74. Go a week without ordering lunch.
  75. Give 15 compliments in one day.
  76. Write a list of my 10 all-time favourite songs and make a playlist/CD of them.
  77. Do something completely surprising for someone's birthday.
  78. Work in Brown Thomas.
  79. Go to Punchestown.
  80. Feature in a magazine one way or another.
  81. Visit Dublin Zoo again.
  82. Learn more about whales.
  83. Go on the London Eye.
  84. Write my name in the sand.
  85. Go to Paris.
  86. Visit the Eiffel Tower.
  87. Pass Honours Construction Studies in my Leaving Cert.
  88. Get a HD camera.
  89. Pass Honours Maths in my Leaving Cert.
  90. Go without Facebook for a week.
  91. See Ben Howard live.
  92. Find my debs dress.
  93. See Kanye live.
  94. Go on a picnic.
  95. Play ( every morning for a month.
  96. Tell someone, who is willing to listen, how I really feel about something.
  97. Pull an all-nighter.
  98. Do 50 ‘non-woman’ push ups consecutively.
  99. Design a tattoo.
  100. See Eminem live.
  101. Be haaaaaappy.

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